Monday, September 28, 2009

Repeating fable of mallu girls;Vidya gets to hot babe

You people, after all, have admitted ‘mallu’ girls are very hot when Parvathi Omanakkuttan walked on the ramp of missworld competition in a spicy garment! Keep your eyes open with out any blink for another shudder as Vidhya Balan comes up with a raunchiest role in her new venture ‘Ishqiya’ which tells the story of Krishna, a hot lady. For this task she left aside all her conventional impressions and set herself as a sexy Bollywood babe .You must have the question in your mind “Why does she strive to break her Indian-women image?”, so she makes it clear telling that she has not set any personal limitations for herself regarding the roles she takes up.

It is not a new story of ‘mallu’ girls of reducing their clothes for fame and money, Nayanthara even got a temple because of her effort to take away the ‘useless’ dresses and she gained a long queue of followers like Mamta, Gopika, and Meera Jasmin. But damn! Whatever they do for eminence, Vidhya Balan set herself apart from them all due to her typical and fascinating style of acting. She thrived in ‘B’ industry with her charisma and already achieved great celebrity fame in India. Then how can you allege she is dripping off her cloth for fame?

“I have experimented with the roles and film-makes alike. Ishqiya simply pushes that limits. The aggressive sexuality that my character exudes is there in all of us” she tells with great confidence when she was asked about the new role in the film. But she agreed that she had ‘giggling fits’ during shooting and believes Krishna will help her to match with other sexy babes.

In Ishqiya her co-actors are veteran artist Naseerudeen sha, plays a romantic role after a long time, and humorist Arshadh Varsi. She extols both a lot since they gave tremendous support as she seldom failed to perfect while doing some scenes like mouthing expletives. With Varsi she keeps a good friendship but with ‘naseerji’ maintains a respectable distance, for she was a junior of naseer’s daughter in college.

As she was asked about the opinion of people around her on new film, she tells her friends really were amused after watching the theatrical promo and one of her friend dared to label her ‘hot’ who was not comfortable doing so before. “On the other hand, a producer, whom I shall not name, actually came up to me and said that he did not know I was capable of being raunchy” , she smirks. If she really does intent to continue the sexy roles?, She tells she is an actress who endeavors to be the best. And she smiles with a short blink “I am, after all, greedy as an actor and have been so in the past”.


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