Monday, October 12, 2009

A stunning fable; DRDO scientists attempt to human sacrifice

As it is told, blind faith and black magic are concerned with ignorant people or the sect always kept aloof from rationality. You are fairly convinced that science and reason never be harmoniousas each other as they always quarrel uncompromisingly. But don’t run behind the conventional, so called, conceptions, for you will see some extreme exceptions. how come a scientist resorts to such a brutal atrocity in the name of ritual? You would ask the same question, as I really confused with.

Human sacrifices are, seldom, nowadays, reported among the tribes with some uncivilized taboos, who never keep a connection with mainstream population. the latest instance was not reported from any tribal belt of the country, but from the reputed institution, DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization), one of Asia's largest defense contractors and a leading aerospace manufacturer of India. The incident became uncovered as the victim, Susheel Kumar Mishra, a junior scientist, came up with a complaint alleging that he had been overpowered by two senior scientists, Dr M kameshwar Rao and Dr A.S.S.V Bhaskar, and attempted to behead him for appeasing their goddess.

The event took place on 6th of this month. As Mishra says in his complaint to the Gwaliyor police, the scientist called him to their lodging in midnight and tried to make a human sacrifice to keep up their ‘promise’ to goddess. “I was alerted as I reached Rao’s room, I really shuddered and tried to get rid of their clutch."God knows how I ran away from there” said a shiveringMishra in hospital. He was hospitalized after he sustained injuries. Gwalior police charged a criminal case against the two scientists who are still absconding

Nevertheless science endeavor to make a rational approach towards the conception god and its existence, some times it or its experts slip their foot. Whenever a scientific launch takes place there we would see some priests to do rituals, for instance in launching time of Chandrayan1. It is an incongruity that can never be pushed out from our conceited society

But I have only one advice. Be alert! While you go to any of scientific research center , tomorrow you may be the ‘cause’ of a scientific invention!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Indira’s fable; A strange phenomenon in Kazakhstan
Indira Gandhi! It’s a name which will turn out assorted feelings among hearers, the victims of internal emergency will howl, the buffs will turn their heart in a fervent mood. But every one should at least don’t wry their face when they consider she is our ‘chachji’s daughter. I really condole and pray for the souls of the preys of internal emergency, but I ought to say the fable of Indiraji, not one you listened to frequently, contains quite amusing parts, one that you will never expect. Now let your ears to hear.
The fable takes place, not in India, in Kazakhstan, the world's largest landlocked country, the land of Kazak nomads who made a great threat to Chengiz khan at the very time. The fable starts when Indhira Gandhi, visited Kazakhstan along with her father, our first prime minister, Nehru in 1955. When some country leaders visit other nations, reactions of people are deferent, some one abuses, others hoist black flags, pour black oil and abusive words, but new trend is ‘flinging shoos at’ the respected leader! But shoos deserve only the faces of wicked leaders like Bush. Indiraji never deserved it, if deserved, no one dared to throw at in India or in abroad.
In Kazakhstan she was received with warm welcome as though she was the real guest of honors, frankly speaking she got much attention and fame than Premier Nehru! People of Kazak celebrated her arrival with fervor they made unusual holidays to make it up. The fable is not going to stop here, it prolonged after her departure. The after math of her visit was obviously astonishing, if you hear, and incredible.
What after math? You may ask with out patience! Indiraji left a marvelouse influence among the people of that country so much so that the new born girls, born between 1980 and 1990, approximately one tenth of them, bear the name ‘Indira’. Indira mervova, Indira Opesnova, Ospanova Indira the names continue! In Astana, the main city of Kazakhstan, one of the main woman leader’s name is Indira.
“It was my grand father who compelled to name me ‘Indira’” tells Indira Ospanova a five star hotel employee. “It is really proud to have the name of a world famous leader” Indira Smalgova, an air hostess of Air Astana, smiles with confidence. One of the main priests of Almati says Indira who spent only half day in capita along with Nehru left wonderful influence in their life. The ambassador of India in Kazakhstan witnesses that, says, “The people of Kazak keep a hearty relation ship with Indians”.
Now, ‘dear opponents of Indiraji’ pleas be harmonious. Though it is a fable, I assert, it is not lie at all, believe me!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An another fable, not of superman but of a ‘hit man’

India, comprising second-most populous country in the world, had all ways dreams to set a sturdy foot in the space of the sports. Cricket, chess and snooker, yes it is true, are gazed at and renowned. But as an inevitable irony, if we look at other sports, never India could prove its ability in any of the international sports event like Olympics and other world champion ships. Why? Why we, second largest human recourse, can’t produce a sign in the sphere of human corporeal power? I am not seeking answer from you; I know you are going to tell about the notorious sports administration and its scandals if you are asked the same question!
So here I will tell you the story of a big chap, Vijender Sing, walks to boxing bout from Hariyana with a gritty resolution to keep India on the tope of the world in his area. Boxing, a game that demands valiant and sudden physical movements, always was kept distance from the main stream of Indian sports. We have always been gazing at the tough punches of Muhammad Ali, Mich Tysen, Gene Tunney, Meldrick Taylor and Jack Dempsey, which can just take away the opponent’s consciousness, with unclosed mouth. Our fate was so! But Vijender Sing attempted to change that fate by bagging bronze medal in the middleweight category at 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. And he continues his endeavors, in September 2009 he reached on the top of the world as he is ranked no; 1 in the middleweight category with 2700 points, according to the latest list released by the international boxing federation (AIBA).
“It is a different feeling. No other Indian boxer has been ranked number one ever and it feels great to achieve yet another first for India. Being top seed at the world championships was a different thing. I will now concentrate on maintaining the top ranking,” he says to media as he was asked about his fresh achievements. Vijender, son of a bus driver, always dared to dream and kept doing tasks to full fill them. His ways,like other common men of India ,was quite rough ,but he managed to reach up to the target. When coach Jagdhish sing recognize his talent, he was getting a new space to emancipate his strength. 2004 Olympics and 2006 Commonwealth Games 2006 gave him disappointment, but 2006 Asian games gave a hind to rise in the form of bronze medal. From there he never looked back, the story of triumph continued and that reached at the present glorious moment. In July 2009, he was honored with India's highest honor for sportsperson’s award -the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna , later in August 2009 he won a Bronze medal at 2009 World Amateur Boxing Championships at Milan, helped him to gain the new feather on his cap .
Now, I tell you, you can start train your child to punch and to block, if you look at great future for him. But I know you will damn my advice because “why the hell you are saying to practice punches why not to take bat and ball”? With punches my son will not be a Dhoni or Sevag, You know at least I want to make him a Sreeshant !

Monday, September 28, 2009

Repeating fable of mallu girls;Vidya gets to hot babe

You people, after all, have admitted ‘mallu’ girls are very hot when Parvathi Omanakkuttan walked on the ramp of missworld competition in a spicy garment! Keep your eyes open with out any blink for another shudder as Vidhya Balan comes up with a raunchiest role in her new venture ‘Ishqiya’ which tells the story of Krishna, a hot lady. For this task she left aside all her conventional impressions and set herself as a sexy Bollywood babe .You must have the question in your mind “Why does she strive to break her Indian-women image?”, so she makes it clear telling that she has not set any personal limitations for herself regarding the roles she takes up.

It is not a new story of ‘mallu’ girls of reducing their clothes for fame and money, Nayanthara even got a temple because of her effort to take away the ‘useless’ dresses and she gained a long queue of followers like Mamta, Gopika, and Meera Jasmin. But damn! Whatever they do for eminence, Vidhya Balan set herself apart from them all due to her typical and fascinating style of acting. She thrived in ‘B’ industry with her charisma and already achieved great celebrity fame in India. Then how can you allege she is dripping off her cloth for fame?

“I have experimented with the roles and film-makes alike. Ishqiya simply pushes that limits. The aggressive sexuality that my character exudes is there in all of us” she tells with great confidence when she was asked about the new role in the film. But she agreed that she had ‘giggling fits’ during shooting and believes Krishna will help her to match with other sexy babes.

In Ishqiya her co-actors are veteran artist Naseerudeen sha, plays a romantic role after a long time, and humorist Arshadh Varsi. She extols both a lot since they gave tremendous support as she seldom failed to perfect while doing some scenes like mouthing expletives. With Varsi she keeps a good friendship but with ‘naseerji’ maintains a respectable distance, for she was a junior of naseer’s daughter in college.

As she was asked about the opinion of people around her on new film, she tells her friends really were amused after watching the theatrical promo and one of her friend dared to label her ‘hot’ who was not comfortable doing so before. “On the other hand, a producer, whom I shall not name, actually came up to me and said that he did not know I was capable of being raunchy” , she smirks. If she really does intent to continue the sexy roles?, She tells she is an actress who endeavors to be the best. And she smiles with a short blink “I am, after all, greedy as an actor and have been so in the past”.