Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Indira’s fable; A strange phenomenon in Kazakhstan
Indira Gandhi! It’s a name which will turn out assorted feelings among hearers, the victims of internal emergency will howl, the buffs will turn their heart in a fervent mood. But every one should at least don’t wry their face when they consider she is our ‘chachji’s daughter. I really condole and pray for the souls of the preys of internal emergency, but I ought to say the fable of Indiraji, not one you listened to frequently, contains quite amusing parts, one that you will never expect. Now let your ears to hear.
The fable takes place, not in India, in Kazakhstan, the world's largest landlocked country, the land of Kazak nomads who made a great threat to Chengiz khan at the very time. The fable starts when Indhira Gandhi, visited Kazakhstan along with her father, our first prime minister, Nehru in 1955. When some country leaders visit other nations, reactions of people are deferent, some one abuses, others hoist black flags, pour black oil and abusive words, but new trend is ‘flinging shoos at’ the respected leader! But shoos deserve only the faces of wicked leaders like Bush. Indiraji never deserved it, if deserved, no one dared to throw at in India or in abroad.
In Kazakhstan she was received with warm welcome as though she was the real guest of honors, frankly speaking she got much attention and fame than Premier Nehru! People of Kazak celebrated her arrival with fervor they made unusual holidays to make it up. The fable is not going to stop here, it prolonged after her departure. The after math of her visit was obviously astonishing, if you hear, and incredible.
What after math? You may ask with out patience! Indiraji left a marvelouse influence among the people of that country so much so that the new born girls, born between 1980 and 1990, approximately one tenth of them, bear the name ‘Indira’. Indira mervova, Indira Opesnova, Ospanova Indira the names continue! In Astana, the main city of Kazakhstan, one of the main woman leader’s name is Indira.
“It was my grand father who compelled to name me ‘Indira’” tells Indira Ospanova a five star hotel employee. “It is really proud to have the name of a world famous leader” Indira Smalgova, an air hostess of Air Astana, smiles with confidence. One of the main priests of Almati says Indira who spent only half day in capita along with Nehru left wonderful influence in their life. The ambassador of India in Kazakhstan witnesses that, says, “The people of Kazak keep a hearty relation ship with Indians”.
Now, ‘dear opponents of Indiraji’ pleas be harmonious. Though it is a fable, I assert, it is not lie at all, believe me!

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