Monday, October 12, 2009

A stunning fable; DRDO scientists attempt to human sacrifice

As it is told, blind faith and black magic are concerned with ignorant people or the sect always kept aloof from rationality. You are fairly convinced that science and reason never be harmoniousas each other as they always quarrel uncompromisingly. But don’t run behind the conventional, so called, conceptions, for you will see some extreme exceptions. how come a scientist resorts to such a brutal atrocity in the name of ritual? You would ask the same question, as I really confused with.

Human sacrifices are, seldom, nowadays, reported among the tribes with some uncivilized taboos, who never keep a connection with mainstream population. the latest instance was not reported from any tribal belt of the country, but from the reputed institution, DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization), one of Asia's largest defense contractors and a leading aerospace manufacturer of India. The incident became uncovered as the victim, Susheel Kumar Mishra, a junior scientist, came up with a complaint alleging that he had been overpowered by two senior scientists, Dr M kameshwar Rao and Dr A.S.S.V Bhaskar, and attempted to behead him for appeasing their goddess.

The event took place on 6th of this month. As Mishra says in his complaint to the Gwaliyor police, the scientist called him to their lodging in midnight and tried to make a human sacrifice to keep up their ‘promise’ to goddess. “I was alerted as I reached Rao’s room, I really shuddered and tried to get rid of their clutch."God knows how I ran away from there” said a shiveringMishra in hospital. He was hospitalized after he sustained injuries. Gwalior police charged a criminal case against the two scientists who are still absconding

Nevertheless science endeavor to make a rational approach towards the conception god and its existence, some times it or its experts slip their foot. Whenever a scientific launch takes place there we would see some priests to do rituals, for instance in launching time of Chandrayan1. It is an incongruity that can never be pushed out from our conceited society

But I have only one advice. Be alert! While you go to any of scientific research center , tomorrow you may be the ‘cause’ of a scientific invention!

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